Festival of resistance postponed

Festival of resistance postponed

Due to Thursday’s news about the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the Rebellion Planning team, and other groups involved, made the difficult decision on Thursday to postpone the Festival of Resistance this weekend in London until further notice. 

It was felt that the risks to our mobilisation efforts outweigh the desire to continue, and occupying a Royal Park at this time would not be practical. The decision has not been made lightly and in full appreciation that it will impact so many who have put much time, heart and commitment into making this festival the beautiful reality it was gearing up to be. This message comes with immense gratitude and respect for everyone involved and every single person who was about to attend Rebellion for the first time. This decision comes as multiple groups who had protest plans over the coming week make similar announcements.  

There will be further updates after the weekend about what we intend to do next. If you’re not already following the Rebellion Broadcast, please join now for updates.

There will be many strong feelings around this decision, which everyone involved in this decision shares. There will be a space to come together on Saturday at Mile End Park for the afternoon for those in London or planning to travel to London in the next few days.

Love & gratitude,

Rebellion Planners