Malvern Earth Vigil

The Malvern Earth Vigil is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life who are united in their concern for our planet. We sit in silence, holding the earth in our hearts. Being visible in the heart of Malvern, we remind others of the climate and ecological crisis which needs our urgent attention during these especially difficult times.

Our first Vigil for the Earth was held from August 24th to September 6th 2020. Our ongoing Vigil started on Saturday the 3rd of October from midday until 1pm, and it will continue at the same time every Saturday – maybe even until COP26 (a crucial worldwide climate conference to be held in Scotland) in November 2021. If you’d like to sign up to join us please email, or just turn up on the day. You can either sit with us in silence at the top of the Belle Vue Terrace steps, or say hello to our outreach person at the bottom of the steps. We’ll maintain social distancing and obey all current coronavirus restrictions as they change – do wear a mask if you would like to and if you’re going to sit for a while, dress warm!

Some people may say that our time would be better spent planting trees or lobbying the government. Members of the vigil are doing these things too, and we also believe that there is a place for this powerful form of witness, which both helps members of the vigil to become grounded and connected to the earth, and helps us to get out our message which is that the planet is in need of our help. We also trust that coming together and sending our compassion to the planet has an effect – both tangibly (those spending time at the vigil are more likely to feel connected to the planet, and so make ethical choices) and, who knows, maybe also in more intangible, mystical ways. If you need a reminder of the frightening facts, click here. For ideas about what you could personally do to help, click here or here.

Extinction Rebellion focusses on system change rather than blaming individuals for their lifestyles – it is difficult to live a perfectly ethical life in a broken system. There are many ways that we can act together to change our systems – either with the Malvern XR group or with other environmental or justice groups. To learn more about what we do in Malvern and across Worcestershire, click here or sign up to the newsletter here. You can find out more about Extinction Rebellion UK here, including some great FAQs here (what about the disruption we cause, are our demands too vague etc).

Great Malvern, alongside a group in Westminster, is the first town to hold an ongoing vigil for our Earth. If you’d like to read more about the Earth Vigil project and maybe encourage your friends in other towns and cities to do the same, visit the Earth Vigil site. The project was initiated by various members of XR faith groups (XR Buddhists, Christian Climate Action etc.) and we still believe that those with some kind of spiritual grounding, whether they are part of a formal religious group or whether they find their spirituality in secular meditation or in nature, have something important to offer in these scary times.

Vigils have many advantages. They are a great first action for people who are new to activism – most of us can manage to sit quietly for half an hour! They are often a powerful experience for those taking part, and they are a peaceful and poignant reminder for members of the public going about their usual business. We hope that you might join us on a future Saturday – do come and say hello to our ‘outreach’ person at the bottom of the steps. All are welcome – whether you feel aligned with the goals of Extinction Rebellion or not. We all have our home on this beautiful planet, and regardless of our other beliefs I hope that we can all agree that we would like to clear up as much of our mess as we can, and leave it in as good a state as we can for future generations.

Thank you for reading, and if you have any questions or comments do feel free to email

Some photos from our first vigil are below. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Satya & the Malvern Vigil team