Extinction Rebellion Malvern

Welcome to XR Malvern!

Who are we?

We are a friendly local group of people who are active in Extinction Rebellion. We are all extremely concerned about the rapidly deteriorating climate and the breakdown of the natural world. We only have one planet, and it’s being trashed right now. We want to do whatever we can to stop this nightmare. Many of us take part in non-violent direct action, to try to get governments and large organisations to make the changes we urgently need. We have a vision of a much better world, with a culture of respect, nonviolence and care for all life.

What do we want?

Our demands are that governments (in all forms) Tell The Truth about the climate and ecological emergency, Act Now to address climate change and biodiversity loss, and move beyond politics to Be The Change, creating a Citizen’s Assembly so ordinary people can lead the way to climate and ecological justice.

What do we do?

We meet usually twice a month, in person or on Zoom. We take part in peaceful, nonviolent actions locally, in Malvern and Worcester; regionally (e.g. Birmingham); and nationally (e.g. London, G7 in Cornwall). We spread the message of the need for urgent government action, by giving talks, and offering friendly chats and free gifts on local stalls. We arrange support and social activities, like listening circles and nature walks, as we recognise the importance of accepting our emotions, looking after ourselves and others, and feeling community support. We make beautiful art work as part of our message.

XR Malvern’s main meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month (currently all in-person). New people are always welcome!

  • Art to Imagine a Better Future

    A few of us are launching the Art to Imagine a Better Future project in January, which invites people to produce stories and artwork showing what it would look like in 10 years if all that could be done to solve the climate and nature crisis had been done.  We have set up a Crowdfunder to help support the…

  • Dirty Water – blue plaques

    XR Malvern joined a UK-wide day of action unveiling blue plaques in Upton on Severn and Worcester, where we joined with other Worcestershire XR groups to highlight the impact on the River Severn of our local MPs’ voting record on the discharge of raw sewage. In Upton, the plaque reads: “Harriett Baldwin MP Voted to…

  • Festival of resistance postponed

    Festival of resistance postponed Due to Thursday’s news about the passing of Queen Elizabeth, the Rebellion Planning team, and other groups involved, made the difficult decision on Thursday to postpone the Festival of Resistance this weekend in London until further notice.  It was felt that the risks to our mobilisation efforts outweigh the desire to…

  • Well Dressing April 2022

    XR Malvern Well Dressing! The Temperance Drinking Fountain has been dressed by Malvern Extinction Rebellion – and looks stunning! Well worth a visit, it’s in place until Sunday 8th May. We chose a theme of biodiversity and nature in literature. The Well Dressing festival was originally going to coincide with the UN Biodiversity conference –…

  • Barclays, February 2022

    XR acts against Barclays “Oil heads” appeared in Worcester to show how Barclays’ continued investment in fossil fuels is destroying the earth. Several “Oil heads” descended on Worcester Barclays branch in February, from groups across Worcestershire, including Malvern. Some hard working scrubbers tried to clean up the dirty money at the same time…. Barclays seemed…

  • Pilgrimage of love for the Earth – Camino to CoP 26 is coming to Malvern

    Camino to CoP 26 is a long distance walking pilgrimage for all faiths (and no faith) to the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow:    • as an act of faith and love for our planet,    • drawing attention to communities to come together to address the climate and ecological emergency. The local legs…