Community and outreach

Welcome to XR Malvern community! We are always looking for ways to grow our movement – the more people are mobilised to act, the more chance we can achieve the change we need.

Everyone in XR plays a part in this, by getting involved in actions, creating artwork and just by talking to people in their daily life. But we also take on specific tasks, like handing out leaflets at actions, holding stalls, organising talks for groups and buddying new members.
This work is core to XR’s strategy and continually needed, so we are always keen to hear from people who are willing to help out. There are lots of different ways you can help – at one-off events or in a more ongoing way.

We can provide training to help you know how to talk to people on the street and in your community. If that’s not your style, you might be able to help with designing leaflets, getting the messaging right, making things for our stall or promoting our events on social media.
If you have links with other community groups we are always looking for ways to connect across communities to create a ‘spectrum of resistance’.
If you would like to know more, are able to help with anything we’ve mentioned here or have new ideas or suggestions please contact us at

Welcome sessions

From time to time, we put on Welcome to XR sessions for new rebels in Malvern – a chance to find out the basics about how XR works, our aims, principles and values; and to meet other friendly faces. Please get in touch if you would like to attend one of these, via email –

See our What’s on page for up to date information.


We regularly put on stalls in Malvern, offering free donated gifts such as plants and cakes to passers-by, to show people another way to be and actively demonstrate a sharing economy instead of everything being about power and money. We listen to people’s concerns about extreme weather, climate disruption, loss of wildlife, and conflict over energy and resources. We invite people to join us in doing whatever we can to make the difference that we all know is urgently needed. We often meet lovely people and have fascinating conversations!

See our What’s on page for up to date information.