London, 9th – 17th April 2022 and beyond

As our planet passes multiple tipping points and the UK sleepwalks into authoritarianism, what XR does this year affects everything. Many Malvern people will be heading for London again, to do whatever we peacefully can to bring about radical change on the climate and ecological emergency. PLEASE JOIN US if you can, we need as many voices as possible to call for desperately urgent change.

What’s happening in Malvern?

We’ll be helping each other prepare for the April rebellion, by meeting and training together. We’ll be sharing travel and maybe accommodation. We’ll be keeping in touch, before, during and after April, to support each other. We’ll be making our own, personal informed judgements about what action we can take. Look out for updates on this page, on Telegram, on our newsletter and on Facebook.

Upcoming :

We strongly recommend doing Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA) training if you are attending the April Rebellion in London. NVDA is the backbone of Extinction Rebellion, so get the tools you need to protest effectively. NVDA training is not just for rebels who intentionally want to interact with the police and take arrestable actions, but for all rebels so that you can be empowered to act (and react) non-violently in any protest situation. The training is recommended for rebels old and new, as police tactics and response have changed since the original rebellion. There are online trainings on the Midlands XR website that you can book onto.

Look out for updates on this page, on Telegram, in our newsletter and on Facebook. Contact information HERE

Further information:

Further information on national talks and trainings will be coming soon, make sure you are following the national Rebellion Broadcast telegram channel. (Telegram is a communication app you can use on phone or laptop)

If at all possible, book time off work from April 9th to 17th. and be ready to continue in civil resistance on the following three weekends:

  • Sat/Sun 23rd-24th April
  • Sat/Sun 30th-1st May
  • Sat/Sun 7th-8th May

For more information from XR UK, click HERE